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MEGAPHONE is part of Digital Activism Program (DAP) carried out by TechSoup Europe and Partners in the CEE region.

The goal of the Program is to increase the CSOs’ understanding of the issues connected with direct disinformation threats through research, strengthening their capacity to deal with disinformation, boosting their knowledge, and building connections within the nonprofit network.

DAP’s main platform is HiveMind - learning hub for civil society actors designed to help build their digital resilience.
Learn more about the Digital Activism Program and HiveMind HERE.

The platform, available in multiple languages, offers self-paced courses, training opportunities, tools, relevant blog articles, and case studies, all free of charge and tailored to regional circumstances and cultural differences. The topics covered on Hive Mind range from countering disinformation, cyber security, personal and organizational resiliency, and building positive narratives to media literacy, the open data movement, and online campaigning.

Hive Mind is a space for learning and the exchange of practice. Join our community and feel free to use the high-quality educational materials.