Kairzhan Albazarov

Originally, from Almaty, Kairzhan is a graduate of the Institut Français du Pétrole, IFP (Paris, France) and the Kazakh-British Technical University (Almaty, Kazakhstan). He has over 9 years experience working with oil and gas projects in Denmark, Kazakhstan and the United States. In 2017 he started experimenting with podcasting and set up the podcast “Find your B – Найди в себе Батыра”. In Kazakhstan a “Batyr” is a warrior and fighter. 

The podcast is aimed at helping Kazakh youth with self-realisation, confidence, personal freedom and to find the strength to deviate from destructive social patterns and societal pressures. The podcast is conducted in an interview format. Despite a lack of podcasting culture in Kazakhstan, the project has gained a significant audience and has helped thousands of young men find themselves and reassess their lives.

Mariam Bajelidze

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Mareike Britten

My quest in life is to find ways to help creating a more sustainable and just society.
My personal mission has always been to contribute to a world that was bigger than my own. My journey began when I joined the protests against the yearly nuclear transports through Germany and became a climber for the environmental organisation Greenpeace. I went on to study International Politics and traveled the world discovering beauty, hospitality but also injustice and deep poverty.
Fueled by a deep interest and passion for people and the well being of our planet I started my career working in development education in the UK. To create broader political change I became a passionate strategist and capacity builder working for Greenpeace International, the Global Campaign for Climate Action and Climate Action Network International. My experiences training people in and leading international teams through strategy development and project planning processes led me to my current path, as facilitator and trainer. On my way I have been trained and have tested different participatory methodologies and frameworks to create system change using design thinking that now form the heart of my practice.

Maros Chmelik

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Oktawiusz Chrzanowski

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Tijana Cvjeticanin

Tijana has been the co-creator, editor and author on the two only fact-checking platforms in Bosnia and Herzegovina: Istinomjer, set up at 2010, which tracks and rates the statements of public officials and implementation of pre-election promises of political parties in BiH; and Raskrinkavanje, set up in 2017, which is a media fact-checking project.
She was also the lead editor of ‘FemFacts’, an international fact-checking project of News Mavens, which analysed reports on women and women-related issues in European media.
Tijana currently serves on the Advisory Board of the International Fact Checking Network.

Aside from her fact checking work, she has authored and co-authored several research studies and policy papers in areas such as political accountability, media/discourse analysis, media freedoms, EU integrations of BiH and government openness.

Salome Nikoleishvili

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Brandon Oelofse

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Stephanie Danielle Roth

With a research & journalism background, Stephanie brings several languages and 15 years of direct campaign experience from throughout Europe. She was the campaign coordinator of the successful ‘Save Rosia Montana!’ campaign which brought to life massive citizen engagement in a post-communist Romania. For this engagement she was awarded the Goldman Environmental Prize in 2005. Stephanie is amongst a handful of campaigners who developed and managed large transnational EU campaigning amongst a diverse range of organizations, teams & facilitated inclusion and exchange in continuous networks. Examples include the TTIP/CETA european citizens initiative as well as the latest reform of the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy.

Bernadett Sebaly

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Mark Semoil

Mark is a digital marketing expert with a focus on social impact. His work focuses on the science behind online fundraising, online giving as well as advocacy campaigns that aim to drive awareness on some of the most pressing issues today. In the last 7 years, having worked at Google, YouTube, and most recently, with humanitarian aid, animal protection and environmental organisations; Mark’s work combines online marketing, online participation of public for positive change, and using data to generate meaningful insights. 

Mark is currently working at TechSoup and lives in Barcelona. He is currently interested in the dynamics that create behavioural shifts in societies under the influence of technology.

Hubert Sobecki

For the past 10 years Hubert has been working for Love Does Not Exclude Association (MNW), the first Polish LGBT+ organisation campaigning for marriage equality for same-sex couples, developing and implementing communication strategies. He co-created „Article 18” – documentary on the history of struggle for LGBT+ rights in Poland – educational campaign „Orientuj się!”, as well as advocacy and lobbying actions such as Kongres Organizacji LGBT+ and Warsaw LGBT+ Declaration.

Borna Sor

Borna writes and hosts the satirical television show Prime Time on the regional news channel N1. He also writes columns and hosts an English language podcast for Total Croatian News. His work has appeared on Al Jazeera, Balkan Insight, and Gloria. Previously he was a writer and star for tv shows NewsBar on RTL, as well as Montirani Proces on HRT. He is the author and editor of hundreds of satirical articles for the website NewsBar.

Francišak Viačorka

Franak is the Vice President of the Digital Communication Network. He also worked as the consultant for U.S. Agency for Global Media, and Creative Director of RFE/RL Belarus service. He is a co-author of award-winning multimedia projects, documentaries, and feature films. Franak conducted more than 50 training course on digital communication and New Media for activists and journalists from Europe and the United States. He is well-known expert in Russian disinformation. Recently he researched Kremlin-backed Media, think-tanks and NGO abroad, and the role of Russian orthodox church. He has served as a consultant for the U.S. Department of Defense, Freedom House, and the Broadcasting Board of Governors, spoke at various events in the National Endowment for Democracy, Atlantic Council. Franak graduated from American University in Washington D.C. and Warsaw University in Poland, he also studied in Georgetown University, College of Europe and European Humanities University.