16:00 - 17:00

Meet & Greet (online)

Come join us and meet other participants of MEGAPHONE 2020. Since we can’t meet in a nice restaurant and have dinner together, let’s at least see each other in this casual way. Bring a beverage of your choice and let’s spend a little time together. We know meeting people online is weird but we promise only not-serious topics of conversation and some even sillier games! 

All to prepare us all for the next, a much more serious DAY 1 of the event.

Day 1


intro and hellos



WTH just happened?!? Landscape after the battle


We Are All Ulysses’ – leadership in the times of the great unknown

In the time of constant change and uncertainty we would love to find a solid ground and some directions. As usual, for every generation forced to live in turmoil, we believe our hardship to be the hardest to bear.

Activists are indeed struggling more than an ordinary person. They carry a burden not only for themselves, but, above all, for the world, which they're ceaselessly trying to change.

That's why a closer look at the archetypes – old tales and myths circling in our culture, we will find not only solace but wisdom for today. After all, we are modern Ulysses, lost in the sea of uncertainty, and through his story we can be reminded of our will to move forward, despite not having a map nor a sense of direction.


Lightning Talk: Infodemic

Session description will appear here soon!


Lightning Talk: Outrage

Session description will appear here soon!

10:30 - 10:50




Lightning Talk: 5 things you need to know about protest in Belarus

In 2020 the whole world learned about Belarus. The elections and the brutal beatings of peaceful demonstrators that followed took the world by storm. The weekly protests have continued for three months now and have inspired thousands of democracy activists. How are the Belarusian protests different from anything we’ve seen so far? What can activists outside of Belarus take from these events?


Uncertainty loves you! Strategic thinking for times of uncertainty and chaos

Problems can be solved using tools and methods. Many of the challenges we are facing these days are not problems that can be fixed. They are complex patterns that we can kind of understand and that we hope to influence. Uncertainty is not a problem that can be eliminated, it’s a friend that we need to work with. I will share a few ways of thinking, adapting, and acting that might be useful, and that you are probably already doing.


Outro – what will happen next week

Session description will appear here soon!

Workshop week












welcome coffee


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08:00 - 10:15


How to Survive Online Meetings


Have you had enough of yet another confused and ineffective online meeting? Now is the time to change that! In 2020, the global pandemic has not only affected our health, but has forever changed our culture; and in particular our work culture. As travels become restricted and offices go nearly extinct, our ability to work well, together and online has never been so critical. This workshop will allow you to experience and reflect on engaging online meetings, and provide you with easy-to-implement tips and tools, to make sure your meetings are both engaging and effective.


Artivism - How to Use Art in Your Activism


A single image can reveal everything and one story can touch the peoples hearts and minds more than companies with millions of dollars for their PR work. Art is a very powerful and special tool to reach the people and convey the public. This workshop will give you examples and insights about how to create images and movies to transport your cause – and will then work on your own ideas. Let´s hijack the mechanisms of traditional media and reach people in social media, let´s disarm people in power with artistic interventions of civil disobedience! Let's take back the narrative!


Bringing Hope To the People: Communicating New Narratives


It feels like the world is going to hell: but there is hope, and we need that hope to make change happen. We don’t have to let populists set the agenda; we can tell our own story, based on our shared values. This is a practical workshop for generating alternative new narratives, practical story-telling strategies for bringing them to life and building the infrastructure for working together as a movement to change the narratives. 

Hope is goal-oriented thinking; hope-based communications is a smart strategy for grounding the way we work, the choices we make, and yes, the messages we communicate, in a vision of the world we want to achieve and the values we stand for. This is the only way we can avoid responding constantly to what populists and authoritarians throw at us.

We will start you on the journey to creating your own narrative that you can use to change the story and win the hearts and minds of your audience.


Zen Fu - How Cognitive Security Can Help You Keep Your Integrity and Lead To a Better Society


What if fighting disinformation is not the best strategy we have to improve our infosphere? What if we can change the world without fighting anything? The session will show a three step path to improve oneself in constantly changing challenges of contemporary infosphere by understanding our inner selves, embracing our integrity and using it as a basis for our future endeavours in securing the infosphere and increase of social cohesion. Tackling disinformation is important, but so is the ability to have conversations and create meaningful connections with others. Don't let attacks lose your cool and learn how to engage in challenging debates like a kung fu master. Protect your values by shining like a bright example of the very same principles, lead by an example and be the change in the world you want to see. Understand the principles of trust and empower yourself with empathy so you can become a true bearer of change for our troubled times.


Digital Well-being, Traps of Dark Patterns and Online Outrage


Session description will appear here soon!


welcome coffee


14:00 – 16:15


How to re-start - strategic thinking for times of uncertainty and chaos


Session description will appear here soon!




The Goodbye session is the last few moments for all of us to be together. As this online version of MEGAPHONE is an experiment, we will also take this chance to ask you for some feedback and for sharing your impressions about the event (in a non-boring, and endless survey exhausting way, we promise). PS. But we will stay longer for a bit of a party too :) Bring your own beverages please!


welcome coffee


Before each workshop, we invite participants of the workshop to join us for a coffee/tea. We will be opening the workshops 30 min before official start and if you join, we’ll have a chance to come say hi, have a little small talk and pretend we’re not online but in a real place with real coffees and teas while preparing for the learning journey of the upcoming workshop.

13:00 - 15:15


Changing Narrative Using Social Media and Digital Channels


Social media isn’t all about letting people know what you had for breakfast or how many times a day you have exercised. It has an incredible mobilizing capacity, which has given a chance to millions of people to have their voices heard. This session will look at how you can strategically use social media and digital channels to change harmful narratives and mobilize people for action. It will show you how you can create an evidence-based content strategy and put social media at the heart of what you do to serve your goals and objectives. We'll also focus on something important especially now - how to effectively use digital channels to fight apathy and isolation, by building a digital community of like-minded supporters. 


Community Building in the Fight Against Digital Injustice


In this workshop we’ll go into how you can use community building as a way to connect to people working outside of your usual field, and enrich your work with input from a wider network. Sharing experiences from Disruption Network Lab and Spektrum Berlin, we will go into examples of community building from the fields of art, activism, hacking, whistleblowing and investigative journalism, and find out how you can bring the benefits of increased community participation into your own work.


Why Aren’t We Winning? How to Craft Digital Organising Strategies that Create Real Change


This session will benefit organisations in understanding the range of effective digital organising approaches and how they apply to their specific organisations. We will briefly present key findings from the first report on the State of Digital Organising in Europe and share a measurement framework that participants can use to identify the type of organising methodology best fit for the advancement of their organisation’s mission. The hands-on participatory approach will aim to address barriers and develop solutions on how to transform the digital practice of each attendees organisation.


Making Videos While Being Bad at It (TBC)


Session description will appear here soon!

16:00 - 17:00

networking sessions


Networking online is always challenging. That’s why we wanted to create an additional time and space where participants could gather not just to meet but do it while discussing the topics from DAY 1 in more detail. During the “Networking sessions” (every day at 6 pm CET), we will start with questions collected during the speeches and lightning talks, and after that we turn the discussion over to the MEGAPHONE 2020 participants and session leaders to explore the topic deeper and exchange experiences. This sessions have no limit of participants, you just need to register.



Session description will appear here soon!



Session description will appear here soon!



Session description will appear here soon!

Central Asia


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